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The adult leadership and attitude are vital elements of our nursery. Forming secure relationships with supportive adults is essential for the children to feel happy and learn. 

Sue and Debbie, who own the nursery, both hold nationally recognised qualifications and more years’ experience than they care to admit! 

Debbie holds the Early Years Professional Status set up by the Government to maintain the highest standards in childcare. 

In addition there are 7 nursery staff employed to form a mature and experienced team. All staff, except the 2 trainees hold level 6 to level 3 qualifications. Everyone has been checked by the Disclosure & Barring Service and has first aid training  training is important to us. 

Our Groups

Daisies Group

  • Aged 0-2 years.
  • Babies are active explorers and need lots of opportunities and experiences to excite their interests.
  • We offer lots of open ended natural resources in ‘Treasure Baskets’ that can be used in playful ways with adults actively supporting them.
  • The key person is vital to the child so they can be sure they can depend on an adult they know well. Each child has their own key person who liaises closely with parents.
  • We share lots of stories with props. We sing, dance and use action rhymes and some signing to help the children express themselves and support their language development.
  • The Daisies Group have their own indoor and outdoor space.

Bluebell Group

  • Aged 2-3 years.
  • We like to plan the environment for this very active and curious age group around their interests, offering lots of open-ended resources for transporting, posting, banging, climbing, enclosing, connecting and mixing.
  • We share lots of stories, action rhymes and singing to promote language and communication.
  • Each of the adults has their own key children for whom they take special responsibility, making close links with parents in order to share the wellbeing of their children.
  • The Bluebell Group have their own indoor and outdoor space.

Sunflower Group

  • Aged 3-5 years.
  • The children are offered a curriculum that builds on their interests, developing their ideas and knowledge to broaden their experience
  • Children are given opportunities to reflect on their learning both individually and at group times
  • They are encouraged to solve problems themselves, both in their play and in relationships. Adults are always on hand to support them
  • Each child has their own key person who helps them settle in, talks with parents and liaises with their future school for a smooth transition.
  • The Sunflower Group have their own indoor and outdoor space.

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As required by the Children & Family Act 2006 we are registered and inspected by OFSTED and copies of all reports are available. In our last OFSTED report dates December 2008 all the ‘inspection judgements’ were good or outstanding.
Highlights from our latest report:


"Staff know how to build strong attachments with children and parents, which supports children's sense of well-being and security."

"The high quality of care and learning is the result of knowledgeable and skillful managers and staff. As a result, children are extremely safe in the nursery and progress very well."

"Staff fully understand their role in safeguarding children. They provide a high-quality nursery that is welcoming, safe and stimulating."


Our Aims

Safe Environment

1. To provide a safe, secure and warm environment for young children. We are committed to protecting our children from harm and supporting and promoting their welfare. Children find security in familiar people, surroundings and routines. It is therefore preferable for children to be introduced to nursery gradually. Initially, this is with the support of a parent/carer to ensure these first steps away from the family are as comfortable and easy as possible for the child. All these early visits should be arranged with the member of staff designated to be the child’s key person. This staff member will then be present on every visit for several more weeks until the child feels secure.

Relaxed Atmosphere

2. To provide an informal atmosphere that is relaxed and fun. Children learn most readily through practical experience when they are enjoying the opportunities offered to them. It is important to build on what children already know. To achieve this, we work in small groups and one to one to excite their interest and develop their learning processes in a stimulating environment.

All-round Development

3. To stimulate ‘all-round’ development i.e., physical, cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, social and emotional. Social and emotional development, we believe, are as important as the more ‘academic’ skills. We encourage the children to have respect for themselves, others and the world around them. We want them to feel ‘empowered’ to be confident to develop as individuals at their own pace. Also, to be engaged and think for themselves.

Equal Opportunities

4. To provide equal opportunities for all children regardless of their gender, race or religion. To treat each child as an individual according to their needs and encourage them to take part in all experiences and fulfil their own potential.


5. It is our aim to be sensitive to the particular wishes and beliefs of each family regarding issues such as diet, sleeping patterns and any other issues they feel are important.

Fees and Funding

Family Information and Childcare Funding

  • We take the children on the following local government funding grants up to 15 hours a week from the term after their 3rd birthday.
  • We new accept 30 hour funding for 3 and 4 year olds provided parents have access the appropriate code. Details here.
  • This funding is for 38 weeks a year and can be used flexibly throughout the year.
  • We are also registered to take the government 2 year grant subject to families fulfilling the criteria set by government.
  • Find out if your child is eligible for a free place by contacting the Family Information Service on 0344 800 8020 or by emailing take2@norfolk.gov.uk.

Poppies Children's Nurseries

Poppies Transitions Policy

At Poppies we recognize that it is important to support children sensitively at different points of transition:

  • When starting at nursery
  • When moving groups
  • When moving to school or another setting

This is important to ensure that each child feels as comfortable and confident as possible and is able to access their new challenge in a positive manner.

To achieve this we:

  • Value families and their views.
  • Use ’All about me’ books.
  • Encourage extended visits with parents.
  • Identify a key person who spends time with the parents and child.
  • Collect information to ensure we can meet all the child’s needs and support those with additional needs
  • Sharing information between groups.
  • Make good observations and careful plan for each child linked to the EYFS. Tracking and summerising progress.
  • Collect information to ensure we can meet all the child’s needs and support those with additional needs
  • Use a variety of methods to communicate with families i.e.: newsletters, facebook, coffee mornings, journey books, formal meetings and daily conversations.
  • Provide supervision and support for staff to enable them to develop positive relationships with children and families.
  • Build relations with other professionals i.e. Surestart, health visitors and teachers.
  • Outdoor Experiences – Poppies Outdoor play policy

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