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Our Meals

All of our locations provide fresh, healthy balanced meals and snacks with menus that rotate regularly allowing children to try new things and discover and enjoy new flavours and textures. All our meals are freshly prepared on the premises and cooked by our resident chef. Our kitchens provide all the necessary nutrients for a day full of adventure, learning and play.

Meal times provide a reason to come together, be sociable with our friends and gain important life skills. During our meal times we all sit in small groups with an adult where we are encouraged to try the days freshly cooked meals. All of our meals are designed and balanced to ensure each child has all of their nutritional needs met.  

Fresh Produce
Balanced Meals
Cooked on Site

Cooked on Premises

All meals are prepared by our own cook on the premises using ‘Government healthy eating standards’.

Fresh and Local

Most of the ingredients are fresh and bought locally.


Meal times provide a reason to come together, be sociable with our friends and gain important life skills.

Menu Rotation

The menus are rotated every 4 weeks to ensure all children regardless of the days they attend get to sample a variety of different meals.  

Freshly Baked

Our on-site cook provides a range of freshly baked biscuits and cakes for the children to also enjoy as part of their daily snacks.

Taking Part

The children enjoy taking part in half termly cooking activities with our cook which provides them with an awareness of healthy eating as well as a range of other life skills. 



What if my child has a special dietary requirement?

We cater for all special dietary requirements including dairy intolerants, allergies, vegan/vegetarian or religious reasons.

Will my child receive healthy meals?

Yes. All our locations provide fresh, balanced, nutrient rich meals for all children.

How often do you rotate the menu?

Our menus rotate every 4 weeks, giving all children a good range of different meals regardless of the days then come to nursery.

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