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"The quality of teaching is excellent. Staff plan a wide range of activities
that are exciting and challenging. As a result, children are highly enthusiastic
about their learning and make the best possible progress."- Ofsted Report 2017

Our new Ofsted 2017 Outstanding Report will be available soon!

The children in Wise Owls are our Preschool children, they are preparing for the transition to Nursery School and Reception Class.The emphasis in this room is on becoming independent. From putting on your own shoes and coat and using the toilet to choosing activities and resources to develop creativity and reasoning skills. The children in preschool are expected to take turns, share and be kind to each other.
Throughout their time with us we teach the children ELC Values which are, to respect each others views, feeling, and cultures.
Our nursery community is an extension of our family where everyone is made to feel welcome and loved. We encourage each other to be the best person they can be.