Early Learning Childcare is a friendly, family orientated day nursery.
We believe that play is at the heart of all children's learning and that children develop their knowledge through stimulating, fun experiences.
Our aim is to provide a comfortable, enriched environment where children feel at home and able to reach their full potential.

We recently achieved Ofsted's Outstanding rating and will be releasing the report shortly. Here are some highlights until then:

"The quality of teaching is excellent. Staff plan a wide range of activities that are exciting and challenging.
As a result, children are highly enthusiastic about their learning and make the best possible progress."

"The extremely well organised key person system and strong partnership with
parents ensures that there is a cohesive approach to children's learning."

"Staff have created an exciting, stimulating and accessible environment that children delight in
exploring. As a result, children are becoming increasingly inquisitive and independent."

"Staff are excellent role models. They provide clear guidance on
​​​​​​​how children should behave. As a result, children's behaviour is exemplary."